Scott Pilgrim Takes Off takes the beloved characters from Bryan O’Malley’s hit graphic novels and sets them on an otherworldly adventure.

The story follows Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) as he meets the “girl of his dreams” Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and attempts to woo her. He quickly discovers that he must battle her seven evil exes in order to continue pursuing her. 

The original novels and the 2010 cult movie adaptation closely followed Scott on this journey, but the new anime casts him into the background and takes a greater interest in Ramona. 

The action-comedy series premiered November 17, 2023, on Netflix with the entire cast from the previous movie reprising their roles. 

In the first episode of the series, Scott loses the battle against the first ex that challenges him, Matthew Patel, voiced by Satya Bhabha. After Scott is defeated, he fades away and leaves a few coins in his place. In the next episode, Ramona has a dream that Scott is calling to her and she proclaims “he’s alive!”

Ramona embarks on a journey to confront each member of the League of Evil Exes to try and locate Scott. Does Ramona ever find Scott? And after that long-winded battle, does she still harbor romantic feelings for him? What happens to all of the exes? Continue reading for everything you need to know about the ending of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Ending Explained:

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off goes in a million different – yet delightful – directions over its eight 30-minute episodes. As the series plays on, Scott is transported into the future where he meets an older version of himself (voiced by Will Forte) who is seeking revenge against Ramona for dumping him. This version of Scott is 37 years old and hasn’t changed much. He is still immature and naive, and he still lives with Wallace Wells (Kieran Culkin). Younger Scott is dismayed by his failed marriage to Ramona, but wants to return to the present and right his wrongs. 

On the other hand, the League of Evil Exes have formed new friendships with each other, and those in Scott and Ramona’s lives. After being confronted by Ramona, they abandon their plot to sabotage her romantic life and instead set out to find joy in their own lives. Lucas Lee (Chris Evans) now has his sights set on a career outside of the public eye, Matthew is the lead in Knives Chau (Ellen Wong) and Stephen Stills’s (Mark Webber) musical based on Scott’s life, and Gideon Graves (Jason Schwartzman) has struck up a romantic relationship with Julie Powers (Aubrey Plaza).

In the future, older Scott reveals that he has built a time machine and took present Scott away from Ramona on purpose to keep them from ever meeting. With the help of Wallace, the younger version of Scott then meets older Ramona, who helps him return to the present time. Scott reunites with Ramona and explains what happened. During this scene, he also apologizes to Knives for cheating on her and admits, “I probably shouldn’t have been dating you in the first place… apparently a 23-year-old dating a high schooler is frowned upon by society.”

But that’s not the end of the romantic challenges that Scott and Ramona face. The two realize that “unfinished business” has caused a force field to appear whenever they try to smooch. Knives suggests that they confront the exes during the premiere of her new musical to see which one of them is causing the issue. 

After talking to the exes, Scott and Ramona discover that they aren’t causing the force field. 

During the musical performance, Scott, Ramona, the evil exes, and the rest of the gang are transported to the cosmic highway that Scott and Ramona have repeatedly seen in their dreams. There, they meet an even older version of Scott, who warns present-day Scott, “I told you to stay away from Ramona.” He admits to using an “A.K. Field” on them, which stands for “Anti-Kiss Field” to keep them apart. The elder Scott reveals that his plan still didn’t dissuade the two from dating, saying that the then-present versions of Scott and Ramona eventually find a way to break the field and end up marrying. 

The group tries to take down the eldest version of Scott, but is unable to. Then, an even older version of Ramona appears and chastises her Scott for fighting the group from the present day. Present Ramona asks her older self for advice, and eventually “chooses herself” over Scott. She hugs the older version of herself and becomes “super Ramona,” as proclaimed by the younger Scott. 

Super Ramona sends even-older Scott home, and kisses present Scott. “I love you, Scott, and I run away from the thing I love,” she tells him. The whole group returns to the musical and everything goes back to normal. The present version of Scott and Ramona kiss.

The epilogue reveals that Knives and Stephen are still a music-making duo, Ramona is working on movie sets as a stunt double, Lucas Lee works as a barista, and Wallace is in Paris, where he meets his eventual “sugar daddy.” Then, a twisty mid-credits scene reveals Julia and Gideon looking over several monitors showing Scott’s life. Gideon says, “Time for the real game to begin!”

So, do Scott and Ramona end up together? Well, in the final present scene, we can confidently say “yes!” Though, we don’t know for how long…

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is currently streaming on Netflix.

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