Steven Knight’s period drama “Peaky Blinders” is set to return for a final season, and The BBC has released the first trailer of the gang getting back together.

Cillian Murphy is front and center as seasoned criminal Tommy Shelby, with a extended appearance in the spot from Anya Taylor-Joy, reviving her role as Gina Gray.

Knight spoke with Variety last year about what fans can expect from the sixth season.

“What I’m doing with series six is continuing that struggle Tommy Shelby has in his opposition to fascism,” he said. “What I wanted to do is that when Tommy Shelby came back from WWI, he was emotionally dead. He was switched off because of his experiences and he was a nihilist, amoral and would do anything. He had one goal which was to accumulate money, but when he encounters fascism, something is brought back to life and he decides there is good and bad. And so that’s why he devotes his time to opposing it. And that continues in series six and many, many other things are gonna happen to Tommy that audiences will not be expecting. I think that the task of writing is more focused with each series. I’ve said this before, but I’ve always believed it’s true each time. And I believe it’s true this time: this is the best yet.”

After the sixth season of “Blinders,” a companion film is planned to go into production.

Knight is also currently in awards discussions as the writer of the Kristen Stewart film “Spencer,” about Princess Diana.

Watch the trailer below:

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