Nicolas Cage and his ex Christina Fulton haven’t met their 3-year-old twin granddaughters because of a “nightmare” feud with their former daughter-in-law Hila Arounian.

Arounian, who was married to the former couple’s son Weston Coppola Cage, is being sued by both Weston and Christina for defamation.

In the separate lawsuits, obtained by Page Six, both the mother-son duo accuse Arounian of embezzling $100,000 and requesting a “fraudulent restraining order” that prevented Christina and her family from seeing Weston’s daughters.

“…this type of character assassination is part of a disturbing pattern of behavior in which Ms. Arounian levies false, malicious allegations against people as a means of coercion and manipulation,” the documents read.

In a statement to The US Sun, Christina said that she was left with no choice but to file the lawsuit.

Fulton and her son Weston are both suing Hila Arounian for defamation, claiming she’s requested a “fraudulent restraining order.”
He also claimed in his lawsuit that his estranged wife embezzled $100,000 from him.

“She has created a hostile narrative and environment that makes it impossible for the family to see or have a relationship with the children both privately and publicly,” she explained.

“It is devastating not to see these kids. Nicolas and I haven’t been able to meet our two beautiful little granddaughters at all since they were born. We’re in a quiet, horrible nightmare. It’s insane, painful, hurtful, devastating.”

Christina said that she has a “beautiful relationship” her grandsons — Weston’s sons — but not being able to meet the twins has been “painful, hurtful and shocking.”

“Nicolas and I haven’t been able to meet our two beautiful little granddaughters at all since they were born,” Christina said in a statement.
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The beauty business owner also claims Arounian was increasingly emotionally abusive and manipulated Weston into alienating himself from his family.

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In his own lawsuit, Weston, 32, alleges his estranged wife took “advantage” of him while he was recovering from “mental health issues” and accused her of spreading “malicious lies” in “retaliation” for his divorce filing.

Arounian declined to comment on The Sun’s statements.

Weston also said he’s taking “immense and aggressive” action against his estranged wife.
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Both Christina, 56, and Weston are seeking unspecified damages.

“I have been a target of defamation for my entire life. I’ve stayed quiet but now that I am facing the worst traducement and defamation yet I will be taking immense and aggressive action,” Weston told The US Sun.

Weston married Arounian, 40, married in 2018 and welcomed daughters Cyress and Venice in the pandemic but split shortly thereafter. He’s also father to Lucian and Sorin.

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