The View got heated this morning, but Joy Behar was ready to keep it all in check. The longtime co-host, who fills in for Whoopi Goldberg as moderator on Friday episodes, led the Hot Topics table through a conversation about disgraced Rep. George Santos — and she wasn’t afraid to speak up when the chat got fiery.

After an impromptu debate about Santos on yesterday’s episode — in which the co-hosts discussed the congressman’s alleged use of campaign funds for personal expenses (including Botox and designer goods) —The View was given even more material to work with this morning after House Ethics Chairman Michael Guest introduced a resolution to expel Santos from Congress.

Behar kicked off today’s segment by joking, “I’m offended as a citizen, but I’m also ashamed as a fellow member of the Botox community.”

Everyone else around the panel had plenty to say about the issue, with Ana Navarro suggesting Santos’ opponent should have vetted him and Sunny Hostin proposing a class about ethics for candidates before they run for office, while Alyssa Farah Griffin couldn’t get over Santos’ deranged press tour (which included slamming the accusations against him as a “witch hunt” and claiming he only learned what OnlyFans was “three weeks ago”).

As the conversation escalated, Behar took it upon herself to step up and reel her co-hosts in. When the chat shifted to Congress’ abysmal 13% approval rating, Behar tried to halt the chatter to give Hostin time to deliver a legal note. Unfortunately, Hostin couldn’t get a word in as the dialogue continued around her.

“The only thing I wanna know is when his tag sale is going to be when he goes to prison,” Navarro joked, after which Behar went into full teacher mode and cut in to tell the panel, “You girls, we have to not talk over each other, OK?”

She added, “Take it easy.”

Joy Behar on The View
Photo: ABC

And with that, Hostin had the floor and seamlessly delivered her legal note, letting us know that Santos has pleaded not guilty to a 23-count federal indictment.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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