Astonishing newly emerged video captured an Israeli farmer’s heroic rescue of some 120 people from the Hamas rampage at a music festival – as he drove back and forth through body-littered roads while under fire from terrorists.

Oz Davidian, who lives in Maslul, made about 20 trips in his truck to save as many survivors as possible from the Supernova festival, where about 260 people were slaughtered Oct. 7, the Times of Israel reported.

Dashcam footage published by Channel 13 shows Davidian speeding past wrecked vehicles and bodies along the roughly 10-mile route between Kibbutz Re’im, Maslul and neighboring Partish as he took a different route each time.

“Terrorists! Watch out!” he yells to his passengers at one point.

Davidian recounted a terrifying encounter he had along the way when he saw two people next to the body of an IDF soldier and he mistook them for Israelis.

Israeli farmer Oz Davidian, right, rescued about 120 survivors of the Hamas massacre at a music festival by driving back and forth to pick up as many people as he could while being shot at by the terrorists.
Channel 13

“I thought, ‘Great, there are paramedics and soldiers,’ and I asked one of them what was happening, and before he answered me, I realized that they might be terrorists,” he said, according to the outlet.

“I addressed him in Arabic, and asked, ‘Are they dead, are there injured?’ and he answered, and then suddenly I understood that he was a terrorist and he understood that I was a Jew,” Davidian said.

The video shows the chilling moment he made the realization and hit the gas as gunfire erupted behind him.

One of the people he rescued thought he was a member of the Israeli security agency Shin Bet because of his remarkable actions amid the carnage.
Channel 13

“By some miracle, none of them hit the car,” Davidian told Channel 13. “They were spraying everywhere with bullets. You can’t get your head around that level of evil. They shot at everything that moved.”

He also said he witnessed terrorists raping women.

“One was raping, another was shooting, protecting the former, watching him rape. You saw piles of corpses, one on top of the other, as if they’d been together and were just slaughtered and fell on top of one another in the shooting,” he said.

At one stage, Davidian rescued a reserve IDF officer who had been at the festival and guided him to where he believed people were hiding during the massacre.

At one point, Davidian drove by a group of people he thought were Israeli paramedics and soldiers but were actually terrorists.
Channel 13
After Davidian sped away from the terrorists, they opened fire on his truck but missed.
Channel 13

He said that when they reached Route 232, they saw “hundreds of corpses all over the place, on the road and in the fields” and “loads of cars, some burned out, some with their lights blinking and corpses with gun wounds inside cars.”

Davidian also showed a sheet of paper on which he and the officer wrote the names of all the rescued people, whom they allowed to call home to let their families know they were alive.

Davidian drove by countless demolished vehicles along the roughly 10-mile route back and forth on his mission.
Channel 13

One young woman he saved even thought he might be from Israel’s Shin Bet security services.

“I said to her, ‘Why?’ and she said, ‘Look around you, there’s nobody here, nobody, we’ve been stuck here for hours, and there’s nobody. You’re the only one who came,’” he recounted.

During his daring mission, Davidian’s wife and four kids were hunkered down in their shelter.

A diagram shows the various routes the farmer took from Re’im to Maslul and Patish.
Channel 13

“When you see hundreds of young people, dead and wounded and fleeing into the fields and terrorists shooting in every direction, you put everything to one side, the fear, the family, and you go to get them out,” he said.

His daughter Oriah summed up her reaction to his feat by saying: “He has always been my hero.”

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