A London Underground worker facing jail caused a control room to be inundated with Subway orders.

Lewis Kelly, 28, switched the number of the sandwich shop for the Waterloo control room’s on Google as part of a ‘revenge’ campaign against his colleagues.

In other acts of grudge against staff members, Kelly recorded workers’ email passwords and signed a colleague up to be moved to Cockfosters. 

He even sent one a shredded South Western Railway jacket in a box labelled ‘Royal Fail’ with two Cadbury Fudge bars, a court heard.

He also used his staff access to get himself a 75% Oyster card discount, worth over £13,000 a year, before swapping the Clapham Subway branch number for the station control rooms after he was suspended from his job.

A London Underground worker hacked into his colleagues emails and posted abuse online in a 'revenge' campaign against staff, a court heard

A London Underground worker hacked into his colleagues emails and posted abuse online in a ‘revenge’ campaign against staff, a court heard

Kelly was previously given a nine-month suspended sentence in February for hacking into his colleagues’ emails, the Evening Standard reported, before he continued targeting station staff.

Defence counsel Veronica Ramsden said that Kelly’s prank saw people phoning up Waterloo station and asking for ‘a roll with meatballs in it’.

The worker was suspended after his actions were detected by TfL and he was reported to British Transport Police, Inner London Crown Court was told.

Kelly, from East Ham, admitted to stealing three South Western Railway passes and to an unauthorised act relating to a computer.

He also confessed to writing abusive messages about three of his colleagues on Reddit and handing out leaflets at Waterloo advertising their jobs.

Source: | This article originally belongs to Daily Mail

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