Famed producer Jack Antonoff is facing some backlash after a clip of his cringey interview with Chicken Shop Date host Amelia Dimoldenberg began circulating the internet.

The two ran into each other on the red carpet at GQ‘s Men of the Year event earlier this week. From the clip British GQ shared on TikTok — has allegedly since deleted, per Page Six — it appeared that Antonoff was very familiar with Dimoldenberg’s signature style of interviewing, but that didn’t make things go smoothly.

The interview got off on an awkward foot, which is not unusual for Dimoldenberg’s Chicken Shop Date interviews.

As Antonoff removed his glasses, she asked him, “Are those real glasses?”

He tightly replied, “Of course they’re real glasses. That’s extremely fucking offensive.”

She apologized, saying, “Sorry, they look to be fake to me.”

But Antonoff cut her off. “That’s like asking, ‘Are you a piece of shit? Are you a piece of shit?’” he said.

“It is true, people who were fake glasses are the worst,” she lightly said, playing along.

But he continued to needle her, asking “How much money do you have?” She stammered a response before he added, “No, I’m saying an example of questions.”

The interview went a bit better when she asked him which dead singers he would like to produce music for if given the chance. But after he answered, she said they had run out of time and playfully rushed him away to end the interview on a lighter note.

She joked, “Okay, well, get out of here! You want me to be rude? I don’t want to see you again.”

Fans online said they thought Antonoff was being “rude” to Dimoldenberg, while others said they believed he was just trying to match her energy.

“He did not pass the vibe check,” one person wrote.

Though the interview was rather awkward, some thought it was all in good humor. “I think he was just trying to match her energy?” one viewer said. “Yeah it turned out awkward but I think he was just trying to have a banter with her.”

Others agreed, with one user writing on X, “I am by no means a Jack Antonoff stan but the point of her interviews is that they’re awkward!!!!! He tried to match her energy and yeah it came off a lil cringe and didn’t totally land.”

Dimoldenberg shot to fame this year for her dry, yet humorous, style of interviewing celebrities on her YouTube series, Chicken Shop Date, which she hosts from inside a fried chicken restaurant.

Antonoff, who used to play guitar and drums in the band Fun, has found his own fame as a songwriter and producer for pop stars like Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, and more.

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