Many are expecting 2022 to see a continuation of many of the changes made in 2021, with a heavy focus on electric vehicles, “greener” E10 petrol and Highway Code law changes. Some things have already been announced including driving law changes coming in January, clean air zones being set up around the UK throughout the year and the introduction of speed limiters.

Greg Wilson, founder of commented on what may happen in 2022: “It’s been a year of rapid change, especially in the switch to greener transport.

“We expect that to gather pace in the next year and well beyond, encouraged by local and central Government using a range of approaches.

“Electric scooters will come into focus and there will be a debate in the media and in Parliament on how to resolve safety concerns.

“It can’t be left to continue as it is now, so regulation seems likely and that means insurance will most probably be mandatory.”

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Green motoring

The Prime Minister has served notice on fully petrol- and diesel-powered cars, with new versions of these vehicles no longer able to be sold in the UK from 2030 as part of the “green industrial revolution”.

Government figures released in October show that from the second quarter this year there were falls of 27 percent and 60 percent for petrol and diesel vehicles respectively over a two-year period, while the sale of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles went up by 300 percent over the same period.

This trend towards low-emission vehicles is likely to pick up pace in 2022, particularly since London’s ULEZ expanded in October and Bath, Birmingham and Portsmouth launched their clean air zones.

Young drivers benefit from falling premiums

Mr Wilson added: “In October we reported that premiums for young drivers dropped by 14 percent over the course of 12 months for 17 to 21-year-olds.

“Drivers aged between 22 and 25 paid six percent less based on 50,000 premiums from our data.

“Given that young drivers aged 17 to 29 pay an average of 53 percent more for car insurance than more experienced motorists, this trend is likely to be very welcome news for many young people and their parents – continue to watch this space.”

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