The PS5 has become one of the video game consoles to own for 2023 – and with some of these great deals, there’s no excuse not to own one.

And retailers like Argos, Currys and Very are releasing amazing deals just in time for Christmas and Black Friday sales. We’re not expecting PS5 deals to get much better than this.

Our other previous PS5 deals we covered also sold out fast and we expect this bundle not to last long on the shelves.

 called the console “an absolute joy” to play. an absolute joy. Everything is buttery-smooth, the controller is responsive and immersive, and the dashboard is functional and stable.

You get super-fast load times thanks to the onboard SSD and get to play the newest titles at a buttery smooth 60fps (depending on the game, of course).

Source: | This article originally belongs to Daily Express

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