Christmas Day is fast approaching and will be here before we know it. The most prepared Britons will be starting to finish their present wrapping, board-game buying, and Christmas dinner planning.

The most important part of any Christmas dinner is the turkey, and since the centrepiece is usually reserved for festive lunches, it rarely comes cheap.

Although available from all major supermarkets, shoppers will need to decide which store will give them the best value for money for their turkey this Christmas.

Thankfully, Adventrum has done the research. They’ve compared the cost of an extra large turkey crown at six of the country’s leading supermarkets.

The results have ranked and revealed the most affordable supermarkets to buy a turkey this Christmas, to the most expensive.

Aldi, known for its budget-friendly prices, has been awarded the cheapest place to buy an extra large turkey crown this Christmas, with the festive treat costing £21.99.

The turkeys at Aldi can range in weight from 5.4-7.2kg, and can serve between 11-15 dinner guests.

Sainsbury’s is the next cheapest place to buy an extra large turkey crown at £25. The supermarket’s offerings weigh between 5.3-6.9kg and can feed 10-14 people.

Nectar card customers can make an additional saving of £2.50, taking the price of the turkey down to as little as £22.50.

Tesco are in third place, with their turkeys also costing £25. However, the difference between Tesco and Sainsbury’s is that there are no discount offerings on this particular weight of turkey (extra large crown).

Turkey’s from Tesco feed between 11-14 people, and weigh between 5.3-6.9kg.

Asda are the fourth cheapest supermarket to buy a turkey, with their extra large turkey crowns priced ever-so-slightly more than Tesco and Sainsbury’s at £26.

All of Asda’s turkeys are at a fixed weight of 3.3kg and serve between 11-15 people.

There is a price jump for the fifth-placed supermarket, Morrisons. Their turkeys cost £31.47 for a very similar amount of meat.

Morrisons’s turkeys typically weigh around 3.5kg and serve between 10-12 people.

There is an even more significant jump to the priciest supermarket out of the six, Waitrose. An extra large turkey crown will cost a whopping £56 at the supermarket, with some turkeys even reaching the lofty heights of £67.

However, Waitrose’s turkeys are the most substantial – weighing between 8-9.5kg and serving up to 16 people.

The cost of an extra large turkey crown this Christmas:

  1. Aldi – £21.99
  2. Sainsbury’s – £25.00 (£22.50 with a Nectar card)
  3. Tesco – £25.00
  4. Asda – £26.00
  5. Morrisons – £31.47
  6. Waitrose – £56.00

Source: | This article originally belongs to Daily Express

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