Poinsettias are the perfect festive plant with their bright red bracts and green leaves.

During the Christmas period, they’re often placed on mantelpieces or in the centre of festive tablescapes.

While they are vibrant and pretty, they can be fussy, especially if they’re not watered correctly.

With this in mind, Keria Kay, a plant expert from Bloom & Wild has shared exclusively with Express.co.uk how to water poinsettias so they “thrive”.

Keria said poinsettias like “high light” so should be placed in a well-lit room to keep them happy.

When it comes to watering your poinsettias, less is more, according to the expert.

Keria said: “It’ll need watering every seven to 10 days but be sure to check the soil has partially dried ahead of watering again.

“You can do this either using your finger to feel the soil or by picking the plant up – if it feels light, it’s dry.

“Excessive moisture and poor drainage can cause root and stem rot, which can kill the plant.

“To avoid this, make sure you only add more water when the surface of the soil has almost (but not completely) dried out.

“And it’s best to bottom water this plant, by placing it in a bowl or tray of tepid water for 10 to 15 minutes so that you can ensure the plant only takes up what it needs.

“This is a plant that will thrive in more humid conditions, so be sure to mist regularly to further the flowering cycle.”

If you’re looking for a super simple method to water your poinsettia then you can use ice cubes.

Poinsettia plant owners can place ice cubes on the soil each day to maintain the plant’s moisture.

Source: | This article originally belongs to Daily Express

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