A secondary school in south London has been forced to evacuate after receiving a hoax bomb threat – the day after a practice drill. 

The Oaks Park High School in Carshalton called police immediately after receiving the threat this morning. Police advised staff and students to leave the building as officers rushed to the scene and carried out a search of the premises. 

Students were spoken to and reassured before they were sent home, an email to parents seen by MailOnline reveals. 

A mother who has a 12-year-old daughter at the school told MailOnline that today’s incident came after the school yesterday had a practice drill on what to do incase of a threat.

Speaking about the drill, the parent said: ‘An alarm went off and the kids had to get under tables and be still. Then this happens today which is bizarre.’

Police have since said Friday’s incident is being treated as malicious communications and they have no wider concerns. 

The Oaks Park High School in Carshalton called police immediately after receiving the threat this morning (stock image)

The Oaks Park High School in Carshalton called police immediately after receiving the threat this morning (stock image) 

The mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said parents and guardians received a text from the school at 8.44am today to say there had been an incident, the school had been evacuated, police were on site, and that parents would be updated.

The text reassured parents that pupils were safe with staff.

‘Then we got another text saying police were advising the school should not be open so the students would be dismissed,’ she said.

‘The messages were quite vague so a lot of parents were panicking.’

Children were collected at around 9am by parents who were told by teachers to ‘move away from the school quickly’.

The mother added: ‘There were a few kids who were upset but the majority of them just walked out confused.’

She said the school dealt with the incident well and had got kids away from the school building to a field.

An email from school informing parents it was a hoax bomb threat was then sent at 11.50am.

The email said: ‘Dear Parent/Carer. I am writing to update you regarding an incident at school today.

‘Early this morning, the school received a hoax bomb threat. We acted immediately and contacted the police who advised we evacuate staff and students from the school building. 

‘The police arrived promptly and carried out a search of the school premises. At this point they also advised that students should be sent home. 

‘We followed police guidance along with our own protocols and dismissed students in tutor groups, so they could be spoken to – and reassured – before they left the school site.

‘We are extremely proud of the way our students responded today, with maturity and calmness.’ 

The school will be open as usual on Monday.  

A Met Police spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘Safety cordons were established as a precaution following receipt of a bomb threat at a school on Damson Way, Carshalton at 08:02hrs on Friday 17 November.

‘The building was evacuated whilst a search was carried out. Nothing was found and the incident is being treated as malicious communications.

‘Officers do not have wider safety concerns. There have been no arrests.’

MailOnline has contacted the school for comment. 

Oaks Park High School is a mixed comprehensive school for students aged 11 to 19.

The school website says: ‘Our goal is to help young people develop the skills, knowledge and qualifications they need to become adults we can be proud of. 

‘Our staff are fully committed to students’ wellbeing, achievement and progress in all areas.’

Source: | This article originally belongs to Daily Mail

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